The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Room

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Room

As a result of lengthy national stay-at-home orders, many families are suddenly feeling the need for a thoughtfully designed multi-purpose room in the home. When it comes to classic home design, multi-purpose rooms are often left out for fear that they will become a cluttered, disorganized catch-all for the home’s mess. In light of recent times, many families are now realizing that a well designed, multi-purpose room would make for an extremely useful home addition.

So how would you use a multi-purpose room? It depends on your families’ lifestyle needs. Recently, work from home options (lately mandates) are becoming more and more common. While working from a bedroom or living room is do-able, a home-office space is certainly more ideal. Space for a desk, computer set-up, and filing storage is a smart choice to include in a multi-purpose room design.

Similarly, many families are opting to use multi-purpose rooms for children’s schoolwork. Whether your family homeschools or if your children simply need space for doing homework and school projects, there are many options for school room setups. Consider library style built-in bookcases and reading nooks to create the perfect environment for a study/home office/ school room offering useful storage.

Another popular multi-purpose room application is a home gym. A room with space for yoga/mat practice and exercise equipment makes sense for many families as at-home workouts become more popular. A great home gym can be easily situated in a relatively small space; all that is needed for basic setup is a corner or small portion of a room.

An entertainment setup is a fun multi-purpose room use. A projector and drop-down screen are perfect for watching movies and playing video games and work well in a multi-purpose room because when not in use, they easily disappear and allow space for other room uses.

Lastly, a playroom area in a multi-purpose room makes sense for many families. Toys and other are kept out of the other rooms of the house when there is a specific place designed to store and organize play equipment. Thoughtful design is key to avoid the dreaded cluttered mess.

The best thing about a multi-purpose room is just that–it can and should be assigned multiple purposes. Whether your family would benefit from a study/entertainment room or an office/gym, we would love to help you dream up a multi-purpose room that will best serve your needs. We believe in making space work smarter, not harder, in your home through innovative design and creative storage and organization solutions.

Click here to set up a virtual initial consultation. All you need is a phone with video chat (such as FaceTime) or a laptop or tablet with internet access and we will “meet you in your home.” For the meeting, we recommend that you have a tape measure on hand as well as any inspiration you may have collected from HOUZZ, Pinterest and a list of goals and ideas if you have specifics in mind. We’re can’t wait to meet you and get started!


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