The Perfect At-Home Gym

The Perfect At-Home Gym

Anxious to get back to the gym, but not so sure about working out in a public setting because of the Coronavirus? While a home gym may seem like a luxury, it’s becoming more of an essential and sensible option in light of the times. Recurring gym membership fees, the large price tag associated with regular group fitness classes, and recent health concerns are convincing homeowners that investing in a home gym makes sense in more ways than one. 

A home gym can be whatever you need it to be. When considering a home gym renovation or addition, think of the activities you’ll be using the room for. Flooring is important; weigh your options when it comes choosing between hardwoods or carpet (while carpet is softer on the joints, hardwoods are easier to keep clean).

Think of the amenities that make the gym special and how they can be imitated in a home gym:

  • Lighting. An easy way to give a space the feel of a gym–think dimmers and color effects.
  • Music. Arguably one of the most important aspects of any gym, look into sound system outfits and insulation to keep the noise inside of the gym room and out of the rest of the home.
  • Hydration. Another fun and useful idea to consider is a water fountain or drink refrigerator to keep hydration close at hand during and after workouts.
  • A “locker room.” Or maybe just a small bathroom featuring a shower, locker-style shelving, and dressing area is the perfect final touch to complete the at-home gym. 

How big of a room will be needed for an at-home gym?

The answer is entirely dependent on the kind of activities and equipment you want to include in the space.

Even if you are a fan of group fitness, don’t count the home gym out just yet. There are plenty of high-tech options that connect members with instructors and classmates like the Peloton, Mirror, and countless other streaming apps–many of which don’t require any equipment. These workouts don’t take up too much space (even those requiring equipment) and provide killer workouts.

For weight training and more classic gym workouts, more space and sturdier flooring and furnishings may be required.

For a crossfit-style gym, consider an indoor/outdoor setup with the help of a garage-like door to allow for the space to open up to an outdoor space. 

An at-home gym makes more sense now than ever; the investment in your home and your health is a smart one. We are excited to discuss home gym renovation and addition options with you–there are countless ways to make an at-home gym work in homes of all shapes and sizes.

Check out our portfolio now for inspiration. Ready to get started on your home gym project, fill out a contact form to get started.


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