The Design-Build Model

The Design-Build Model

There are many ways to go about tackling a home build or renovation/addition project. On the outset of a project, many homeowners have budget in mind and suppose that the most affordable way to get a home project done is to go about it the DIY way–whether that means literally taking on portions of the project themselves or piecemealing a team of designers, contractors, architects, and trade workers together. 

While the DIY method does sometimes save money, doing things this way also presents a lot of drawbacks. First, because a disjointed team is working without a lead or cohesive direction, the scheduling, and even the end result of the project itself often suffers. Many times, even the budgeting aspect will run awry because of all the moving pieces and unforeseen road bumps. Then there is the headache of permitting and insurance. What might seem like a simple enough project on day one often seems like a headache… or even a nightmare by the end. 

So what is the better way? The design build model is the “get it done right” method when it comes to taking on a home project. In a nutshell, the design build model is the one-stop-shop option, and the benefits to doing things this way are many. 

First, the design build model offers continuity. The designers, architects, and builders work together, not as separate entities, to ensure the best client experience and eventually the highest quality end result. The design build model offers a lot of security for the client, too. The items that often cause the most stress like permitting, legal matters, and budgeting are handled in a way that takes the burden off the client and onto the design build business. 

Another way that the design build model is superior to others is that because all parties working on the project are working together in-house, scheduling is much more reliable. Instead of hiring trades that you aren’t sure are reliable or will offer a high level of workmanship, design build firms often employ or consistently use the same trades, ensuring the highest level of work and dependability. 

A good design build group will have a process or protocol that ensures a seamless, high quality experience for the client as well as the best home project outcome. Our process at MW covers everything from planning to budgeting and scheduling and collaboration with our in-house design team. We invite you to learn more about what you can expect when you partner with us to make your home project goals a reality.


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