Get to Know Our Latest Addition

Get to Know Our Latest Addition

The Marks-Woods team is proud to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Design Manager Zack Doud. We are so excited to have his experience, passion, and expertise. 

Zack earned his undergrad and postgrad education in England at the University of Nottingham. His degrees in Architecture earned Zack a job at a big corporation in Atlanta, GA where he put his education and skills to work. From there, Zack spent three years working with a custom luxury home builder, a job that really honed his skills as a designer. Next, Zack opened and ran his own design firm, affording him the opportunity to pick up and practice many skills that reached beyond those of his previous work. 

His twenty plus years of hands-on industry experience make Zack a unique and especially qualified new hire that we are thrilled to welcome to Marks-Woods and that is sure to offer our clients an amazing experience with our business. 

Zack will be our new Design Manager, a role that appealed to him as an applicant because of Marks-Woods’ excellent reputation for quality design and home remodeling work. His role will focus on creating a seamless bridge between the design and architect/ build aspects of projects. Zack’s expertise in creating efficient floor plans and trouble-shooting when it comes to spacial issues will make him especially valuable to the client experience. 

Additionally, Zack is interested in the integration of large design elements such as exteriors, staircases, and fireplaces. Zack has a passion for presentations that are both visually pleasing and also easy for clients to digest and make for easy collaboration. When asked what he’s looking forward to most in his new role with MW,  Zack responded, 
“I am excited to serve clients with a well-coordinated design package that integrates the technical and aesthetic elements of a project seamlessly.”

We invite you to meet Zack and the other members of our team to discuss the home project that’s been on your mind. Our team of experts look forward to helping make your home project goals a reality. 


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