Stuck inside? Wish your home felt more like a sanctuary? Try a home remodel audit!

Stuck inside? Wish your home felt more like a sanctuary? Try a home remodel audit!

Over the past weeks, you and your family have most likely spent more time in your home than usual. America is stuck inside, and we’re quickly coming to realize that there are some areas of our homes that could use improvement. If you were considering a remodel or add-on before the coronavirus crisis, chances are, you may be re-evaluating what you *thought* your home needed. All of this extra time at home is the golden opportunity to evaluate what you want, what you need, and where there is overlap. 

When it comes to making decisions about a remodel or addition, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of a certain concept without thinking practically about how and how much use will come of it. For example, the idea of a front porch may be on your mind, but if months of heavy pollen, snow, and road traffic are the reality, you might be better off considering a sunroom for a similar effect and would be used much more compared to a porch. 

Think about the existing rooms in your home that simply aren’t being used very much. Consider how they might be repurposed or transformed to serve in other ways. Many homeowners are opting to open existing walls to create open floor plans that serve the needs of their families. The formal dining room, a feature of many older homes, are being converted into multipurpose rooms, libraries, or offices. The idea is to take inventory of each room in your home and consider whether or not it is meeting its potential. 

Maybe there is a glaringly obvious area of your home that needs a remodel. In the case of many homes, this tends to be the kitchen. The kitchen is almost always the most popular space in a home–it tends to be the automatic spot for families and their guests to gather. For this reason, a spacious, thoughtfully designed kitchen is often at the top of the list for a remodel. Now is a great time to think about what exactly your kitchen needs to function best. More space? A better designed layout? Thoughtful storage and organization? As you spend extra time hanging out, cooking, and gathering in your kitchen, be sure to take note of your families’ specific needs. 

While you might not think of this as being the ideal time to get a home project started–think again. You are stuck at home anyway, why not go ahead and make moves to get a renovation or addition in the works? 

Click here to set up a virtual initial consultation. All you need is a phone with video chat (such as FaceTime) or a laptop or tablet with internet access and we will “meet you in your home.” For the meeting, we recommend that you have a tape measure on hand as well as any inspiration you may have collected from HOUZZ, Pinterest and a list of goals and ideas if you have specifics in mind. 

We’re can’t wait to meet you and get started! 


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