Creative Additions

Creative Additions

2020 has many American families spending much, much more time at home than usual. Chances are, the concentrated time spent at home has made it clear what is lacking–for many of us, that’s extra space. When homeowners think of adding more square-footage, traditional addition projects likely come to mind–bump out the back, extend from the side, etc. While these kinds of projects make plenty of sense for many homeowners, the truth is that there are “hidden” square footage possibilities that oftentimes are more cost effective and sensible than a traditional addition project. All it takes is a little creativity and vision to make space in unexpected places. Here are some ideas of where to add livable square feet onto existing parts of the home.

Over the garage

Space over the garage is often already framed and makes for an easy space to finish with some clever design work to create functional, livable space. Whether it’s adding an extra bed and bath, playroom, or even home office or gym, the large space above the garage holds many possibilities. 

Add another floor

A popular way that many homeowners are expanding their homes is by adding an additional story to the existing structure. Building up instead of out is a cost-effective way to add square footage to the home and more easily accomplishes a seamless aesthetic look unlike many traditional addition projects that extend out the back or side of the home. Whether you want to add a floor to a ranch home and double  the square footage of the home or add a third or fourth floor to an already multi-level home, adding an extra story is a great way to fit more bedrooms and living space.

Master suite above covered porch

Many homes feature a covered porch that stands away from the rest of the home, making it a perfect opportunity to add a master suite above it. The master suite is becoming a more and more valuable asset when it comes to home value and resale, but finding the space for a master suite can be tricky. Building on top of a covered porch is a great spot to consider if you’re looking for the space to make a master suite addition happen!


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