Are You Ready For A Home Renovation Project? Consider This Before Getting Started

Are You Ready For A Home Renovation Project? Consider This Before Getting Started

Choosing to renovate your home is exciting, but don’t let the thrill of it distract you from some of the items that you’ll need to consider before jumping in. This is a great time to consider consulting with a well-established design-build group in your area to help walk you through everything you’ll need to know about the renovation process. The design-build approach is preferable for a home renovation project because it oversees the entire renovations process from top to bottom and handles each and every detail along the way.

Before you are ready to get started on your home project, you’ll need to know the answers to some important questions:

1. Are your finances in a place to take on the kind of home project you are hoping for?

Consulting with a design-build group with your ideas about your home project will give you a ballpark idea about how much the project might cost. From there, you can think about financing options if need be. It’s always best to think about a budget on the front end of a renovation project to avoid stress down the line.

2. Is there a specific date you need the project completed by?

If you have you heart set on a large add-on by Christmas, don’t wait until the leaves are changing colors to get started! Meet with a design build group to get an idea about how long a project of the scope and scale you have in mind might take to complete.

3. What is your design style?

Your home is a reflection of you, so it’s important that you carefully consider the style that your home renovation reflects. Consulting with designers that have a close relationship with the builders on a project (just another perk of the design-build approach!) ensures that everyone working on the project has a clear understanding and appreciation for the style that you want the renovation to ultimately achieve.

4. Is the main purpose of your home renovation project to boost resale value, or to serve your personal needs and style?

The answer to this question should act as a guide in the choices that you make along the way in your home renovation. Consulting with a design-build group is a great way to understand how to make the best decisions to serve your home project’s unique purpose.

Once you have a basic understanding of what you are looking for and how to answer these questions, you are ready to get started. Check out our blog “How to Start the Home Renovation Journey” for advice on how to kick off your home renovation the right way, Or, just reach out to us directly and we are happy to help. Click here to get started!

To read about the Marks-Woods design-build approach, click here.


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